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Moments of Truth

One of the great things about the current financial crisis is that it’s clearing away some of the rot created during the good times and allowing the creation of a more solid foundation for future business. One of the clearest barometers of this is how the recently-public companies are reacting to current conditions, behaviors that clearly indicate the difference between simply legality and ethics, as well as a simple lack of foresight.

Though we understand the systems of private equity and public investment, and that investors are driven by their time horizon, be that one day, five days or five years, on behalf of the system we also regret the disassociation of short-term actions and long-term effects on organizations, where all activities are justified based on the value they appear to create in a specified timeframe, even if that value was in actuality borrowed from the future at a very high price.

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Written by: | Categories: Commentary | January 29th, 2009 |

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