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Coco Mowinckles and the Piggy Ride

When the dozen dogs flushed a covey of grouse from the underbrush, a British shipping banker nicknamed Yoda (so named for his uncanny resemblance to the 800 year old Jedi Knight in Star Wars) hoisted his rifle and pushed the scope deep into his sunken eye socket. As he followed the birds skyward, he found it difficult to maintain focus. He had been travelling for more than four weeks and killing birds in the soggy highlands of Scotland with a group of rowdy shipowners was just about the last thing he wanted to do. All he really wanted to do was climb under the flannel duvet in his coastal cottage in Devonshire and go to sleep for a long time. But that wasn’t an option; whether the market was high and he was originating new loans or the market was low and he was busy amending and extending the loans he had made during the high market, there was always plenty for a shipping banker to do.

This is only an excerpt of Coco Mowinckles and the Piggy Ride

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