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A Review

Novels set in the world of merchant shipping are few and far between. When they appear they are sometimes tales of derring-do. As in how our hero springs an old rust bucket free from detention from some backwater racketeer. At other times we might expect to read a convoluted tale of salvage or piracy where our hero loses and regains his ship and his reputation, pausing only to retain the affection of the girl. There is also the well-worn narrative fiction written from the point of view of the man on deck (merchant marine division). The Shipping Man mostly eschews these formulae by concentrating on the dichotomy between money and ships, comparing and contrasting the shipping industry as we now find it, lolling in a slump after the longest boom in the sector since the late 18th Century, with the investment banking industry, not exactly everyone’s favorite walk of life since 2008.

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Written by: | Categories: Freshly Minted, Market Commentary | January 19th, 2012 |

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